Acclimation Guide

You just received your box from West Coast Frags, now what?

  • Inspect the box for visible damage on the outside and take video/pics or it unopened just in case your corals were damaged in the shipping process.
  • Open your box , count the pieces shipped and go over your invoice to be assured nothing was missed.

Visual inspection time, What to look for.

  • Look inside the bag/jar of each coral you had shipped and visually inspect it.
  • Take any pics you feel are needed due to shipping stress or damage to the coral without opening the packaging. Please refer to our shipping and DOA policies if you so happen to experience any loss or damage on your shipment so you follow the correct procedures to ensure WCF is made aware of these issues immediately!!

Temperatures acclimation – let those babies float!

  • Place all your corals from the shipment in your sump or display to float. This will get them up to matching temp of your tank prior to drip acclimating them.
  • We recommend you do this for 30 min.

Drip acclimation time. How important is this for your corals?

  • After your 30 minute float of your new corals go ahead and open the bags or containers and place them in a small container or tote with all the same water they were shipped in. Make sure the container you use to drip acclimate your coral in is small enough to keep the coral underwater and big enough to accept water from your system to acclimate it to the conditions.
  • Tie some tubing loosely around a small piece of PVC and drop in the tank and create a siphon to start the water to drip in your container for the coral slowly. You can also use a small 1/4″ gate valve to slow the flow to your desire.  We recommend at least an hour of drip time.
  • The drip process is very overlooked. If your parameters are more than a 1 dKH difference than our parameters or significantly higher nutrients, we recommend a longer drip to properly acclimate the coral to prevent any necrosis. This will improve your chances of having a happy, healthy, and thriving coral after you have added it to the tank.

Acclimation complete, Now what?

  • Once you have completed the drip process you are now ready to add corals to the tank.
  • WCF recommends you add your corals to a designated quarantine system to dip your corals for pests and house them while the life cycle of the potential larvae ends. This would be the more ideal and safest method to be assured you do not invite any potential pests into your display system.
  • After shipping, some corals can arrive a bit stressed. An immediate coral dip will increase this stress. This why we do not recommend an immediate pest dip.
  • If any corals seem stressed after shipment we recommend a Brightwell Coral Amino and Chemi-Clean dip. This dip is really great for all corals, stressed or not. You’ll find they settle in, and open up much faster after this method.
  • Dip is as follows:
    • 1ml  of Brightwell Coral Amino per quart of saltwater.
    • 1 scoop of Chemi-Clean per quart of saltwater.
    • An air stone for the Chemi-Clean, or power head sucking air, works great as well to keep the oxygen and water circulating.
    • Dip for 10 minutes.
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